17 Reliable Home Maintenance Tips to Help You Spend Less Money
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17 Reliable Home Maintenance Tips to Help You Spend Less Money

Want to spend less money on your home? These home maintenance tips will help you reduce household costs and save money in the long run.

1.    Keep things clean
Regular cleaning maintains appliances since dust promotes wear and tear, which reduces their lifespan.

2.    Fix leaky faucets
A lot of water is wasted by leaky faucets. Fixing such problems as soon as you notice them saves you money.

3.    Upgrade your lighting
Choose energy-efficient bulbs that are budget-friendly as opposed to incandescent bulbs.

4.    Fix running water closets in the toilet
A running toilet wastes a lot of water and increases your water bill.

5.    Seal cracks on doors and windows
Unless you want to spend more money replacing a whole door or window, seal cracks immediately they appear.

6.    Use a programmable thermostat
It helps you set a comfortable temperature while at home and a more conservative one when you are away, saving you money in the process.

7.    Caulk the shower and tub
Mold-infested bathroom tiles are expensive to replace. It’s better to spend a few dollars buying a tube of caulk.

8.    Change your filters
The air conditioning system filters need to be changed periodically since they trap dust and other allergens. Dirty filters use up more energy, increasing the utility bill. Change them often to save money.

9.    Improve your attic insulation
This cuts down your electricity bill, since a lot of heat is lost through the attic.

10.    Hang your laundry outside
You don’t have to use your machine to dry your clothes. String a clothesline in your backyard and hang your laundry to dry.

11.    Install Ceiling Fans
Save some money on ventilation by installing ceiling fans. Self-standing fans also work well to help circulate air in the room.

12.    Weather-stripping
Replace all worn-out weather stripping on the doors and windows. Adding some to your air conditioners will seal all gaps and enhance insulation.

13.    Use expanding foam filler to seal gaps
This is an excellent insulation hack, especially for larger gaps. Foam filler is also cheap.

14.    Wrap your pipes and water heater
Wrapping them helps prevent heat loss. Use a pre-cut fiber insulation jacket for the water heater and foam insulators for the pipes.  

15.    Get new fridge door seals
Ensure your fridge door closes properly to prevent warm air from getting in, as your fridge will need to work twice as hard to regulate the temperature. This increases your energy bill.

16.    Clean humidifier
It improves your home’s air quality and optimizes its functioning. Drain it often to keep mildew and mold from forming.

17.    Repair your roof
Regularly inspect your roof for cracks and holes. Prompt repairs keep leaks at bay.

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