3 Common Errors Found on Grocery Store Receipts (That Can Save you Money!)
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Grocery stores (and cashiers) do their best but they’re not perfect! Here are 3 common errors found on grocery store receipts you need to know about.

Going to the grocery store can feel like such a chore sometimes. After making a list, you have to walk through the entire store to get what you need, stand in line to purchase it, and then load it all up to put it away when you get home. By the time, you are done that, you likely have just thrown the receipt away.

However, that can be a big mistake. Grocery stores have been known to make mistakes, which can cost you valuable money. Here are some common errors found on grocery store receipts that you need to watch out for.

Overcharged for a product

There are times when an item is on sale, yet the computer system wasn’t updated yet so you get charged full price. You also need to watch this with any items that have to be weighed before you pay. Just double-check the weight to make sure that you are being charged correctly.

Labeled incorrectly

You may notice that your items are labeled incorrectly. The hot dogs that you bought are not on your receipt. However, sausage (which costs a lot more) is. Your hot dogs probably had the wrong label on them.

Miscounted products

There are times when you are charged by the number of items that you buy. You may have bought four tomatoes but notice that you got charged for eight of them. Your cashier could have also scanned a box of food twice without realizing it. This mistake can really add up, especially if you are charged over a dollar or two for each extra item that you didn’t get!

So, what can you do? Before you even leave the store, find a safe area to pull over and look over your receipt. It is best to do it before you leave the store. Otherwise, you might not question the mistake, which can cost you valuable money!

That being said, if you do see an error, you should talk to someone in the store or give them a call if you catch it once you are home. They will be able to fix it so that you can get your money back (if you overpaid for something). 

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