6 Tips on How to Shop for Christmas on a Budget
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Got a list and checking it twice? Here’s how to make room for everyone on that list when you’re shopping for Christmas on a budget.

Make Your Christmas Shopping List

Old St Nick isn’t the only one who needs to make a list and check it twice. Who do you absolutely need to buy a gift for? Immediate family, special friends, co-worker, friend from your old neighborhood years ago? Really, you might need to take another look and perhaps trim that long list. Can you make something instead? Make a decision to buy something thoughtful, not just because it has a big price tag. 

Make A Budget and Spending Limit

Determine what the maximum is per person you intend to spend. Take that list you just made and put a realistic dollar figure beside each name. Be determined to get something you think they will like, with a price you can afford. When you are done cross them off the list, move on. You don’t have to be a cheapskate, but you also don’t have to make everyone’s dreams come true. 

Leave the Credit Cards at Home

It’s ridiculously easy to pay with plastic, we see, we want, we pay. Then you are till next November with high interest credit card debt. Take your cash and your list, enjoy the season but be kind to yourself as well. There is life after Christmas. 

Shop Alone

Go to the mall with friends another time. This shopping excursion is meant for one purpose, completing your list and staying on budget. Our friends can easily keep us from our objective with unplanned and unnecessary spending. Which leads to the next point.

You are Christmas Gift Shopping not Buying for Yourself

The sales are fantastic, you always wanted a sweater, shirt, or whatever just like that. Don’t buy it for yourself, take a picture of the item, attach your size, store name and price, then send it to someone as a hint. Let them shop for you. Stick to your list, it sounds like a broken record, but you have a plan.

Wrap, Wrap, Wrap

People love to open gifts, some count the number of gifts under the tree. If you buy something that comes in multiples, wrap each one individually. A female or male fragrance gift set, a robe and nightgown, socks or whatever it is. Unwrapping is half the fun of getting.

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