Budget Valentine’s Day Ideas That Won’t Leave You Looking Like a Schmuck
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Everyone knows that for a successful Valentine’s Day, you have to drop a load of cash on flowers, chocolate and a fancy dinner, right? But wait, it doesn’t have to be that way.

What usually matters most to your sweetheart is, whatever you do, put some effort in. The time invested is more important than the dollars spent. Here are a few budget Valentine’s Day ideas to get you started.

Hand-written letter

Does anyone write letters anymore? Not really…which is why this idea will grab your sweetheart’s attention. Get some nice stationary (a lot of stationary stores sell fancy paper and envelopes in singles) and tell them exactly what you love and appreciate them. Not only will this make for a tremendous “awww…” moment on the day, it’s also a keepsake that your Valentine can keep forever.

Take a dance class

Uh-oh…Do you really hate dancing? Well, ask yourself: is one or two hours out of your life really that big a deal if it makes your Valentine swoon? Also, keep in mind there are a lot of different types of dancing lessons. If the waltz or the fox trot isn’t your jam, try a sexy salsa or tango class. Even line dancing can be fun, so long as you do it together.

Go to a bookstore

Couples often meet for the first time over coffee to this suggestion puts a spin on that. Ideally there is a bookstore in your area that also sells coffee, but in a pinch you can take a thermos or stop for coffee ahead of time, but book dates are great for couples in all stages of their relationship. New couples can get to know each other better by walking around and pointing out and sharing favorite books along with the memories they inspire. Other couples can use it as a prelude to increased intimacy, by finding a book to read together later, and those looking for a happy medium between that can peruse the travel section to begin making plans for a summer trip together.

Bake something

This one is actually for those who DON’T spend much time in the kitchen. It’s not that hard to find easy recipes online or (if you’re really hopeless) make cupcakes or brownies out of a box. If this is not your usual thing – as in, the first time it’s ever happened – imagine what kind of response you’ll get! Even if the results aren’t gourmet, the thought will most definitely count.

E is for Effort

Ultimately, the key to success here is showing that person how much you care. As long as you put forth a well thought-out plan and take a genuine effort and interest in your date, it’s hard to go wrong!

Whatever you decide to do for your Valentine, remember love isn’t about fancy cards or heart shaped boxes of candy. Valentine’s Day should be about showing the person of your affection how much you mean to them and ripping apart your wallet is not the only, or even the best way to do it.

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