How a Payday Loan Works: Maria & the Cold Shower
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Woman taking a cold shower

Just when you think you have everything figured out, life can hit you with something unexpected. Financial emergencies can happen to anyone and they almost always strike at the worst possible time, like right after you made a significant purchase.

Through a series of short stories, we will explain how a payday loan works and how anyone can benefit from one. Although these examples are based on fictional characters, they demonstrate how Pay2Day can help in real-life situations.

Meet Maria

Payday loans are an affordable option to get you through an emergency, especially when you don’t want to, or can’t, ask family members or friends for help.

Maria just bought her first home. After paying the down payment and closing costs, hiring the movers, turning on utilities, and other moving expenses, her bank accounts were looking pretty empty. She knew that money would be a little tight for the next week until she got paid, but she could make it.

That is, until she tried to take her first shower in her new home and discovered that the water heater wasn’t working.

Maria dreaded the thought of a cold house and taking cold showers for a week, but cash-wise, she was completely tapped out. Her family members had their own financial problems so she felt stuck. Luckily, one of her friends told her about Pay2Day and how a payday loan could help her get the water fixed right away.

Looking forward to a hot shower, Maria found her nearest Pay2Day location and decided to try it out. She was able to borrow the $200 needed for the new water heater.

Financial emergencies large and small can strike at the least convenient times. A payday loan from Pay2Day can be a solution to your unexpected money troubles.

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