How to Grocery Shop while Social Distancing
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April 15, 2020
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Need some staples and worried about going to the store? Here’s a quick guide on how to grocery shop while social distancing.

With the pandemic, everyone is doing what they can to be safe. Staying home is the best option, but there are times that it can’t be helped. You can safely go to the grocery store and maintain social distancing. 

We all want this pandemic to end and are doing what we can to help to prevent the spread of the disease. However, that being said, we still need to go grocery shopping occasionally so that we have food to eat.  

Here are some tips to safely grocery shop, while maintaining social distancing. 

Minimize your trips to the grocery store. 

You don’t need to go to the store every day or multiple times a week. Try to limit your trips to once a week or even every two weeks if you possibly can. You shouldn’t go unless you are really running low on something. 

That being said, you don’t need to stock up. 

Many people are stocking up on items but you shouldn’t have to do that. Though it may feel like items are flying off of the shelf, the truth is that there is plenty of food and paper products, with more shipments coming in every day. The problem is the hoarding and stocking up which are taking supplies away from everyone else. 

Go by yourself. 

Even if you used to take the whole family grocery shopping with you, it is important that you have only one person go shopping during this time. Keep your children at home so that they are safe.

Work quickly. 

Have a list and know what you want so you can go in, get them, and get out quickly.

Stay away from others. 

Don’t stand close to other people. Stay at least six feet away at all times, if you can. If the aisle is crowded, move to the next one and come back later. 

Don’t touch things unless you have to. 

This isn’t a time to browse and pick up items to figure out what you want to buy. Instead, just pick up exactly what you need and leave everything else alone.

Though this is a scary time, you can go to the grocery store safely. Just go by yourself, get in and get out. Don’t touch anything that you don’t have to and stay away from people as much as you can. 

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