How to Save Money on a Gym Membership: 9 Hot Tips
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If you’re thinking of heading back to the gym in January, here’s how to save money on a gym membership so your new bod doesn’t break the bank.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of new year’s resolutions? If you thought about exercising more, you are in sync with thousands of other Canadians. New gym memberships skyrocket in January, so here are 9 great ways you can save when you’re headed to the gym or yoga studio!

Check online & comparison shop before you go

Often a gym will offer special prices if you sign up directly through their website. Check out coupon sites that make offer codes for even better deals. Each gym has its own fee structure, so it pays to shop around. Keep in mind, once you have a gym you want to visit, you might be subjected to high pressure sales tactics. Make sure you know exactly what the cost is online and what other gyms in your area are offering before you visit a location in person. That way you’re in a much better position to negotiate!

Be flexible

If absolute convenience is not a top priority, you may find that gyms less centrally located have better prices. You can save on a gym membership if you are willing to travel a few extra minutes to get there.

Look for free trials

This a common tactic gyms use to entice new clients – offering free trials. Just make sure that the cost for the remainder of the year makes the trial worth it. A lot of gyms and studios offer a month free or a set amount of visits to try. Take advantage of these – you don’t want to join a gym and find out you hate the vibe! There are even options that offer “passes” to multiple gyms – you can pick from a list and try them all!

Join with a friend

A lot of gyms offer a discount or rewards if you refer another person. Heck, we do it too. If you have friends or family members that are committed to better fitness, you can save money by splitting the cost.

Join in January

Gym owners/managers are well aware that the new year brings on a new wave of potential members. They often offer their best deals to capture their share of the motivated market!

Negotiate your own deal

Instead of talking to a salesperson, go directly to the gym manager. They have the authority to cut you a deal with added bonuses.

Keep checking the fees

Gyms will continue to run promos throughout the year. Keep tabs on the general cost for membership fees and take advantage when they drop.

Go for no pool

Gyms that have pools frequently charge a higher fee than those without. If you can get the workout you want without swimming, join a gym without a pool.

Take a break

During the summer you might be involved in outdoor activities that give you plenty of exercise. This is the perfect time to save on a gym membership by putting it on hold for a couple months. If you already have a membership, inquire about putting your membership on hold for a month or two. They will likely still charge you something, in terms of a monthly fee, but it won’t be the full, monthly amount. Calculate whether this is a less expensive option than cancelling and then paying another initiation fee to re-up in the fall.


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