How To Successfully Use Common Household Items To Clean Your Home
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April 22, 2019
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How To Successfully Use Common Household Items To Clean Your Home [Part II]
May 14, 2019
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You don’t need special cleaning supplies to clean your home. Find out how ordinary household items can save you time and money when it comes to sprucing up your living space. 

Spring is in the air and it’s time to clean your home in preparation for the season. So, you want your home to coincide with the smell of the new flowers budding  and fresh rain, right? Many ads will suggest a million different specialty cleaners to do very specific cleaning jobs around your home. Which means, you have to break the bank buying them all. How can you consolidate? Here are a series of common household items that will do the job. Win-win!

Amazing Household Cleaning Items You May Already Have On Hand


Shampoo provides many cleaning opportunities around your home. Save money on laundry detergent by adding two caps of shampoo into your delicate cycle. In fact, just a few drops in the sink will clean your delicates like sweaters, undergarments, and other light items.

If you have a stain in the carpet, a small amount of shampoo can work wonders. Put a few drops on your carpet stain and dab the stain with a wet cloth until it’s lifted. (Test this cleaning tip on a less visible area of carpet to check for discoloration).

Shampoo acts as the perfect agent to remove grease from your kitchen walls, countertop, and appliances. Apply a little shampoo to a wet rag, work it into the area you plan to clean, let it sit for a few minutes, rinse well, and the grease should be gone. In fact, if you add baking soda, it acts as a scouring agent that lifts the grease even faster.


Toothpaste can do more than brighten your smile by being a handy cleaning agent around the house. For example, a dab of toothpaste on your bathroom fixtures can remove soap scum from fiberglass and shower doors. Rub the paste in small circles with a toothbrush and then buff the soap scum away with a dry cloth. (Avoid water spots by dipping the cloth in water to buff away the soap scum).

Believe it or not, you can squirt a few drops of toothpaste in the toilet, use a scrub brush, remove stains, and give your commode a great fragrance at the same time. You can’t use toothpaste as a disinfectant, but it does make a great go to toilet cleaner when you’re out of ordinary bathroom cleaner. Use can also use toothpaste to defog the bathroom mirror, clean the sink, and curling iron with just a few dabs.

Common household items can work wonders around your home and save you money too. Create simple, yet effective household cleaners to tackle your spring cleaning. Don’t spend a fortune on cleaning supplies, use the above user-friendly tips to get your home intact for the spring.

Want more tips on how to use household items to clean your home? Read part two here.

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