It’s Time to Spring Clean Your Finances!
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Spring is finally here, and with the season comes the urge to do some spring cleaning. But don’t clean your house or your car – spring clean your finances! Here’s how.

Plan Your Summer

Use your financial spring cleaning time to plan your summer trips and activities. By preparing early, you can account for the needed resources and get a good idea of what you need to do to make it all happen.

File Your Taxes

Springtime starts right in time for tax season. One of the most important things to do in the spring financially, is making sure your taxes are D-O-N-E, done.

Go through and make sure that all your deductions are in order, all your income has been correctly counted, and that your contributions are maxed out. When everything checks out, file the taxes and mark it off your cleaning checklist.

If you already have your taxes done, excellent! This is also a great time to look at spending and plan any business purchases that can be used for deductions next year.

Tackle Your Debt

Spring financial cleaning is a great time to manage some of that debt. If you get back any money on your taxes, use it for paying down what you owe.

If you can completely wipe out some smaller bills, go ahead and take them out. One less monthly bill lets you double up on the others, potentially saving a lot of money on interest throughout the coming year.

Verify Your Financial Security

As you are dusting the cobwebs from your financial attic, take the time to double down on your security. Pull a free credit report and see if any unsuspected items pop up on it. If so, get to the root of it and beef up the protection.

You can put a freeze on new credit until things sort out. This will prevent any further items from occurring. If you are really feeling nervous, consider a fraud alert on your accounts.

Adjust Your Career Path

Spring is a great time to check your financial map and see how your career is proceeding. You might find that a small adjustment now may help a lot later.

Don’t hesitate to ask for others for help on this. Ask your boss for any feedback they may have on your performance and adjust accordingly. Coworkers may also have some insight into your career, and Spring is the perfect time to set your career sail for the rest of the year.

Whatever you do with your financial spring cleaning, know that if you need a quick and easy loan, Pay2Day has a timely and manageable solution for you.


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