Love the Dollar Store? Here’s What to Buy and What to Leave on the Shelf
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Love the Dollar Store? Here's What to Buy and What to Leave on the Shelf

It’s no secret, the Dollar Store is a saving conscious shopper’s dream. You can find almost anything you desire for a dollar (or a little more). Shoppers find it easy to leave with more than they needed while others find it to be a lifesaver if they’re on a budget. Just like Costco, you’re sure to find a few treasures and others you may want to leave on the shelf. Here are a few things you should and shouldn’t buy from the dollar store. 

Dollar Store Do’s

School Supplies

School supplies are one of the first items you should always get at the dollar store. You can find bargains on paper, pencils, pens, notebooks, and more. Best of all, buying your school supplies at the Dollar Store also lets you stock up for the entire school year. 


Toiletries is a necessity for every household. The Dollar Store is a great place to find all of your household toiletries at a great price. 

Seasonal items

Your need for seasonal holiday items may change each year or maybe you just need to add a few more items. For a dollar, you can find all of your holiday decorations. You can also find Halloween treats at a cheaper price versus supermarket prices. 

Dollar Store Don’ts

Children Toys

Unfortunately, you don’t want to buy children’s toys at the Dollar Store because they’re more prone to break and be a hazard for your little ones. 

Generic Cleaning Products

The name “generic” says it all. If you want to give your home a deep clean, generic household cleaning products are not concentrated to effectively rid your home of germs and bacteria. This is one item that you should probably miss. 


The tools at the Dollar Store may contain fake certification certificates and be hazardous. Plus, if you plan to use them all the time, they can easily break. The best place to buy your tools is from the hardware store because they’re built to get the job done. 

Who doesn’t love the Dollar Store? It’s got pretty much everything, but there are a few items you should leave behind to save time and money. 

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