The Best Free Tax Return Software Options in Canada
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Time to do your taxes? Want to save every penny you can? Here are some of the best free tax return software options in Canada.

TurboTax Free

This is one of Canada’s well-known and most popular tax software. The free version of this software does not have a maximum income limit. The software does not allow the user to bring forward the previous year’s tax information.

Users: this software program is available to filers at all the incomes stages who do not need the higher features provided by the paid versions. They can only enjoy these features; up to twenty returns per year, instant refund tracker, NETFILE certified.

Simple Tax

This is one the free tax return software options in Canada. It has been used there for about eight years now. The program offers easy to use, hundred percent free tax application with an option to donate any amount as you would wish. The software provides functionality for free.

Users: this software is available for all people including both the self-employed people and the investors. 

Studio Tax

This is also a totally free tax software that is available on both PC and Mac. They allow you to file up to twenty returns. One can also be able to import information from the previous year with Auto-fill.

Users: this tax return software is available to all people including the self-employed as well those with rental income.


This is also one of the free tax return software options in Canada. It can be accessed online through a mobile device and Mac desktop or Windows. The program is free, but it is not available to all users.


  • All students regardless of their income 
  • Individuals filing simple returns, that is, the single employment income source
  • Individuals who are new in Canada and filing their tax for the first time
  • Anyone whose family income is less than $20,000 per year

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