This Spring, Plant a Garden for Less!
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This Spring, Plant a Garden for Less!

Do you want to start a garden without spending a lot of money?

Gardening can be either cheap or expensive, depending on how you go about it. Here are a few tips for growing a garden without busting your budget:

Start your own seedlings

You can start your own seedlings in egg or milk cartons! You can also use solo cups, used seedling flats—there’s no need to purchase seedlings, which can get pretty expensive. Start indoors with a good source of light and a waterproof covering such as a contractor bag, sliced open, to protect your table. By poking holes in the bottom of an egg container, you can turn it into a planter.  Make sure to keep your seedlings moist but not soaked, and be sure they have access to plenty of light. 

Get clippings and seedlings from your community.

If you have a gardening neighbour, chances are they have more seedlings than they need. Also, check for gardening groups in your area on Facebook. Ask around, and you may be surprised!

Make your own compost

Compost backyard and kitchen waste yourself to get a rich base for growing seedlings. When composting kitchen scraps, be sure not to include and meat, bones or oil. Vegetable matter only! Use a mix of greens like lawn clippings and brown like dead leaves to start your compost, and be sure to keep it moist. 

Build your own fence

You can keep the critters out using a fence make from boards and chicken wire. DIY fence ideas abound on the internet, but the simplest involve chicken wire and wire and wood scrap. The chicken wire must wrap around the wood, which is then tied to the chicken wire. Be sure to bury both posts and chicken wire deep enough to prevent animals from burrowing in.

Start an indoor lettuce garden

One of the cheapest and easiest things to grow is lettuce. It can even be grown indoors, and will definitely save on your grocery bill. It will also be much tastier! All you need is a light source, a few containers, some potting soil and lettuce seeds.  Plant lettuce as you would any other seedling, in a well drained container with a hole or holes in the bottom, and access to plenty of light. 

Growing a garden for less has the added benefit of providing fresh produce that’s way more delicious than anything you’d buy in the supermarket!

Need to save money? Check out our blog for more helpful hints and tips!

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