Top 10 Most Beautiful University Campuses in Canada
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University Campus in Canada

Canada has a lot of really top-notch post-secondary institutions. Here’s a list of top 10 most beautiful university campuses.

When choosing a university to further studies, many students consider several factors that will ensure their years in the institution remains a life experience. Some of the factors that students consider include fee structure, the institution’s reputation, natural and architectural aesthetics, and more. For many students who are inspired by beauty, destination Canada has the best universities for you.

Canada has many scenic sites of the world, such as crystal-clear lakes, glaciers, Rocky Mountains, an abundance of flora, and more. This beauty also translates into their universities, which have stunning landscapes that offer a natural and beautiful learning environment. Most of the Canadian universities rank among the best learning institutions worldwide, making Canada an international learning destination.

Other than the natural beauty of Canadian universities, students also get an opportunity to interact with counterparts from international backgrounds, which will remain as a life experience. Here are our choices for the top 10 most beautiful university campuses in Canada.

Royal Roads University -Victoria, BC

The university has a beautiful main building, the Hatley Castle, which was a Military College until 1995. The castle was built in 1908 and stood across more than 260 hectares of parkland, where students can enjoy beautiful surroundings such as Olympic Mountain Range, Juan de Fuca Strait, a Japanese Garden, and other attractive sites. The university ranks as the most fascinating learning institution in the nation.

University of British Columbia -Vancouver, BC

The university has breathtaking views and attractive surroundings, making it one of the most beautiful universities in the nation. Mountains, ocean, and forests surround the campus. There are many ultra-cool buildings on the campus. A yurt within the university is an excellent attraction site.

Lakehead University -Thunder Bay, ON

The campus spreads across over 116 hectares of land with vast green sections. The institution stands beneath the cliffs of Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, which offers stunning nature to students and visitors. The green sections have a variety of flowers, and also Lake Tamblyn adds to this profound beauty

McMaster University -Hamilton, ON

Any list of the most beautiful university campuses in Canada has to include McMaster. The campus has terrific trails to visit, such as waterfalls, pedestrian-friendly paths, and conservation areas. You can also visit Refectory for a meal, a wildlife sanctuary, Cootes Paradise, and many other lush landscapes

Mount Royal University -Calgary, AB

The outdoor amphitheater is a famous site in the campus for hosting plays and concerts. The university has a friendly environment with blooming gardens and shimmering ponds. The Taylor Center for the Performing Arts is an attraction site for many students. The new buildings on the campus are LEED certified.

Bishop’s University -Sherbrooke, QB

The university started operating in 1843 on an area of over 500 acres. There are many scenic sites in the campus such as and Quebec’s historical buildings, McGreer Hall, St. Mark’s cathedral, and more.

Western University -London, ON

The university is in London on the banks of the Thames River, which has multiple trails. The campus is famous for skiing and snowboarding in the winter on the University Hill. Modern buildings, as well as historical architecture, blend well to form an appealing environment.

Queen’s University -Kingston, ON

Queen’s campus is famous for stunning architecture, limestone buildings, and waterfront. Douglas Library has a Harry Potter room, which is frequently visited by many students

University of Toronto -Toronto, ON

St. George’s campus, the most beautiful of the 3 University of Toronto campuses, blend green space with historical architecture. Students visit Old Vic building regularly to enjoy their time in the institution.

McGill University -Montreal, QB

The two campuses of McGill University are famous for state-of-the-art buildings, slopes of Mount Royal, a remarkable arboretum, and more.

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