Welcome to Pay2Day: Toronto’s Yonge Street Location
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In the downtown Toronto area and short on cash? The solution is quick and easy. Visit our Yonge and Bloor location for a timely, manageable solution to your temporary cash flow challenge.

At our Yonge and Bloor location we offer payday loans at competitive rates with no hidden fees or charges. As a matter of fact, we’ll do our best to get you a $300 cash advance absolutely free!*

Here’s some things you should know about our Yonge Street location:

Ali is the manager of our Yonge St. store, just south of Bloor, on the west side. This is his message to you:

“Our goal is to provide quick and easy service. All of our customer service reps pride themselves on meeting any client need. I like this quote from Damon Richards: ‘Your customer doesn’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care’.”

What else can you expect?

In Toronto, Yonge & Bloor is about as central as it gets. We are close to the Yonge/Bloor subway just down the street from the Toronto Reference Library. This area has everything, including a million places to eat.

What can you expect from this location? According to Ali, a private registration area, exciting Customer Appreciation Day events – and they have new, extended hours on Thursdays and Fridays!

Read Our 5-star reviews:

“I’d been using their service for how many months now and it is just excellent. The willingness to help and make you feel at ease is great. I highly recommend them and try their service I know there are a lot of other payday loans out there but this store a lone is great enough.”

“The staff are very friendly, outgoing and always cheery. Exceptional customer relations. They make you feel like a friend or family. I do business with them frequently and would recommend this place above every other place.”

“Excellent customer service!! The staff is willing to go the extra mile for you!! Highly recommend!!!”

At Pay2Day, we do more for you. Along with offering inexpensive, friendly payday loans, we assist you in other ways.

Before you lose another night’s sleep, come over and see Ali. He will show you all the workable options available that make it easy. You can also contact us now with your questions via live chat.

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