What to Buy at Costco and What to Leave Behind
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Who doesn’t love cruising the aisles for yummy free samples? Here’s the scoop on what to buy at Costco – and what to leave behind.

Everyone loves to save money and there is no better place to find a good bargain than at a Costco warehouse. Costco boasts deep discounts on a wide array of products but that does not necessarily mean you need or should buy certain items there. Oftentimes, consumers wonder if a Costco membership is really worth the cost? It can be worth it if you shop strategically and make the best choices for your wallet

Here are 5 things that are worth buying at the retail giant and 5 more that you can definitely skip:


Prescription Glasses

Believe it or not, Costco offers some of the most competitive prices on prescription glasses for its members, with or without insurance coverage.


Costco’s pharmacy provides some of the lowest cost prescription prices and lowest price flu shots in the industry. Also, important to note you actually do not need to be a member of Costco to use their pharmacy and get their discounted rates.

Shelf-Stable Foods

Costco offers a great selection of cereals, cookies, granolas, and many dry foods. Many products are individually packaged or bagged allowing for a longer shelf-life.

Frozen Fruit

Find great deals on frozen fruit selections that can last more months in your freezer and used for smoothies and baking.


One of Costco’s biggest draws for membership is there significantly discounted gas prices. Many shoppers get a membership for this reason alone!


Spices/Baking supplies

Unless you run a restaurant or a home bakery purchasing these items will be more of a waste than savings. They might be cheaper per oz but much of it will end up expiring and having to be thrown out before you can use it.


It’s enticing to buy those large boxes of diapers at such low prices but keep in mind that a growing baby outgrows sizes quickly and if you buy too many of one size you will end up with a load of diapers you can’t use.

Fresh Produce

Costco offers an amazing produce selection, but be careful making purchases of a large quantity of produce that will rot before it can be eaten. If you buy, plan to share or freeze items to extend their life.

Hearing Aids

Costco has gotten a bit of a bad reputation for hearing aids. Although their prices may be appealing, it will not be worth it if your hearing aids are not fitted and tested properly.


Although Costco’s non-dairy milk is a great bargain and is a definite buy; cow’s milk expires much quicker and may not be consumed quickly enough unless you have a large household.

If you’d more info on how to shop smart and save money, check out our blog at Pay2Day.

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