What to Buy at IKEA Canada, and What to Skip
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Do you like a furniture shopping experience that ends with a hot dog and an ice cream cone? Here’s what to buy at IKEA Canada – and what to skip.

IKEA has become famous for its trend-setting shopping experience, and its catalog of affordable, quality merchandise. However, like any other retailer, there are also items sold by IKEA that you should avoid. This article will provide some details on what to buy, and what to leave behind.

IKEA can be a great place to shop. The clean, expansive spaces of the store make for a pleasant experience, and you’re often able to find one or two good bargains before you make your exit. However, some purchases at the Swedish retailer are simply not worth the cost. Here is a list of items to buy at IKEA Canada, and items to skip.

Items to buy

Pendant lighting

IKEA’s selection of pendant lights and similar decorative flourishes tends to be highly affordable compared to the competition. In addition, IKEA offers a wide variety of merchandise within this product category.

Children’s seating

If you are looking for a quality chair for your kids that won’t break the bank, then IKEA may be the place to go.

Drinking glasses

IKEA’s sets can sometimes come out to less than $1 per glass, without a corresponding drop in product quality.

Storage carts

For those folks who could always use a little more storage space, IKEA has a range of portable options at reasonable prices.

Items to skip

Bedframes and matresses

A lot of IKEA’s mattresses, bed sheets, and wooden bed frames have gotten a bad rep over the years. If you’re not partial to uncomfortable beds, then you may want to leave these products alone.


While many of IKEA’s knives and other culinary utensils are decent enough for the occasional cook, if you are regularly working in your kitchen, you’d be better off buying higher-quality tools for meal prep.


Some of IKEA’s tabletops fall into the “great idea, terrible execution” category. One glass tabletop in particular is known for cracking under slight force, and even spontaneously exploding. In other words: pass.

If you know what to look for, and what to avoid, then shopping at IKEA can be a real pleasure; and it doesn’t have to hurt your wallet. If you’d more info on how to save money, check out our blog at Pay2Day.

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