5 Tips on How to Save Money on Halloween
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Bowl of Halloween candy

As the leaves change colours, the season of ghosts and ghouls descends upon us. If you want to avoid spending scary amounts of money though, here’s how to save money on Halloween.

Tip #1: Hit Up the Thrift Store for your Costume

If you’re going to dress up for the Halloween season, you can keep your costume under budget by hitting up your local thrift stores. You can find everything from wedding dresses and suits, to unusual accessories just waiting to be spooked up. Adding a splash of blood here, and some tears there, can make a great costume, and you can likely get everything you need for less than $20.

Tip #2: Don’t Be Afraid of the Dollar Store

While you might be tempted to check out those Halloween boo-tiques that crop up during this time of the year, you should always look at the prices and offerings at your local dollar store. Everything from candy, to decorations, to costume accessories is usually comparably cheap, and you can come in pretty far under your budget.

Tip #3: Just Get Your Pumpkin at the Grocery Store

While going to a farm and enjoying the full spectrum of the season might be tradition for a lot of us, if you just want a pumpkin to carve or paint, just go to the grocery store. They’re cheaper, in both cost and the amount of fuss you have to go through.

Tip #4: DIY Decorations

Halloween decorations can be expensive, but you can often make inexpensive ones at home. For example, if you cut a set of eyes into a toilet paper or paper towel roll, and put a glow stick inside, then you can set that in a bush to make a lurking creature. Adding a colored light bulb or two can change the whole feeling of your place for almost no cost. Also, cutting out designs using construction paper can help you make a monster on your front door. Make it a group activity, and get everyone into the spirit!

Tip #5: Plan Ahead

If you really love Halloween, then one of the best things you can do is plan ahead for it. For example, if you scoop up all the stuff that goes on sale after the holiday, then you can get everything from costume pieces to decorations for a fraction of what they would have cost a few days ago. If you’re planning on going thrifting for your costume or decorations, go early to beat the rush, and check back often. The easiest way to save money is to make sure you have solid timing.

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