How a Payday Loan Works: The Case of Mark’s Tooth
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September 18, 2017
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Sometimes life can hit us with unexpected setbacks, regardless of how carefully we plan or how hard we work. When these setbacks are financial, we may be too embarrassed to ask for help, or maybe not have anyone we ask. In these cases, a payday loan can be a lifesaver, helping to bridge the gap until your earnings catch up with your expenses.

Through a series of short stories, we will explain how anyone can benefit from a payday loan. Although these examples are based on fictional characters, they demonstrate how Pay2Day can help in real-life situations. 

How a Payday Loan Works: Meet Mark

Mark has always been a hard worker. For several years he worked for the same company in Toronto, making a decent salary and making use of an excellent benefits package. But one day he received news that his department is downsizing, and he would no longer have a job. Mark was devastated, but immediately began searching for another job, and before long he found a new, better position.

Shortly after he started his new job (of course!) Mark began feeling pain in one of his back teeth. Unfortunately, there was a lapse in coverage before his new benefits kick in.  Mark visited his dentist to get an idea how much the tooth repair will cost without insurance. He was somewhat relieved to learn that he simply required a new filling, but is stymied on how to come up with the $200 fee, which was not feasible at the time, given his very tight budget and depleted savings.

One of Mark’s friends suggested a Pay2day payday loan. At first Mark was uncertain, as he had no experience with payday loans and had always heard negative things about them. But his friend vouched for Pay2day, so Mark decided to give it a try. He gathered the necessary documentation and headed to the nearest Pay2Day office. The application process went smoothly and he quickly obtained the cash he needed.

Mark returned to the dentist to get his filling and walked out with his dental bill paid off in full. He was relieved not only to be free from the physical pain in his tooth, but also from the worry that goes along with the cost. He was easily able to make the loan repayment from his next paycheque and has no regrets, grateful that he had the option when he was in need.

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