How To Experience Music Festivals or Summer Concerts on a Budget
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Short on cash? Still ready to have fun? Learn how to enjoy summer concerts on a budget without breaking the bank and still have a rocking good time.

Going to see a live concert in Ontario can be tricky, chock full of various ways to ruin the night and have you rethinking ever going to a concert again. In fact, the drinks are overpriced, bathrooms are smelly, and the crowds are shoulder to shoulder. It’s best to plan ahead to ensure you have a great time. Don’t miss out on a great concert, it could very well be the highlight of your summer. Here are some tips to make sure you have a great time and on your budget.

Do a stake-out

If you know about a free concert, chances are that a lot of other people do to and the lines can get full fast. Stake-out the venue at a nearby bar or hub and watch the lines at the door of the concert. About a hour before the concert starts and before they reach capacity, make your entrance. Meanwhile, you’ve had a light snack and a drink to start off your night.

Be prepared to go last-minute

Wait until the day of the show to get your tickets if the show costs a little more than what you have to spend. Surprisingly, websites like StubHub and Craigslist, may offer up to 1/2 off regular admission an hour or two before the concert.

Go front row like a pro

If you’re attending a standing room only crowd and want to get to the front stage, simply walk around the border of the crowd on the side opposite of the main entryway. Neat trick, right? It gets better, you still have something up your sleeve to get close to the front stage without finding yourself being labeled as “that guy.” When you see someone coming back from the bathroom or bar (seize the moment) follow closely behind them because there’s always room behind someone that is moving to the front. Rest assured, someone will be coming behind them and you can repeat this cycle until you find yourself face-to-face with your favorite artist.

Befriend The Water Station

Staying hydrated at a concert is important. Nobody wants to end up with a splitting headache or fainting at a concert because they’re dehydrated. A trip to the ER for an IV drip can ruin the night. So, we suggest making the water cooler your best friend versus buying several $8 bottles of water.


That’s bring your own bottle of hand sanitizer! A bottle of Purell can go a long way when you’re forced to use a nasty portable bathroom and the hand-washing station has stopped working. Keep a bottle in your purse/jacket/pocket to face those inevitably dirty bathrooms. You’re on your own with the long lines at the restroom, but now you know how to battle the overwhelming feeling of being grossed out by the bathroom!

Bottom Line

It’s possible for you to enjoy great summer concerts on a budget and still have fun. Discover a new band, enjoy one of your favorites and save money. So, get out there and have some fun because these tips also work for tours and music festivals too.

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