How to Save Money on Auto Repairs
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Keeping your car running and in good repair can be a constant money pit. Here’s how to keep your car on the road and how to save money on auto repairs.

You know that feeling you get when your car suddenly starts making a new, doesn’t-sound-quite-right noise? We’ve all been there. Here are a few ways to alleviate that immediate anxiety you get when you know something is wrong with your car but you don’t have as much extra cash this month as you’d like.

Find qualified, well-reviewed auto repair shops

Look online for auto repair shops near you and make a list of the shops that have the best reviews by other customers. It’s always helpful to know how other customers felt they were treated by a mechanic. Take this with a grain of salt, however, as customers can also use these review platforms to lash out unnecessarily harshly.

Research the usual cost of repairs

Once you know what’s wrong with your car, call around to local shops and find out what their estimated charges would be. It may seem like a good idea to simply go with the cheapest option, but consider the longevity of their solution and determine if the problem may arise again down the line because of any cut corners.

Avoid duplicate labour charges

If the mechanic comes across another problem while working on your car, consider paying for that fix now too. You’re already paying for a labour charge on the current problem, so instead of paying for parts and labour later, you’ll only be paying for the parts now.

Do it yourself

DIY car fixes can seem daunting and we’re not saying you should rebuild your own engine. But there are many easy things you can learn how to fix yourself simply by searching “How To ___” on YouTube. Things like changing your wiper blades, installing a new battery, replacing a headlight or taillight, and replacing your air filter are all easy repairs you can learn how to do yourself to save some money.

Find a ding repair specialist

It can be expensive to take your car to an auto repair shop for dings and dents. Instead, call around to local used car lots and find out who does those repairs on the used cars that come in to be sold. It can be quick and easy and doesn’t need to cost a lot.


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