10 Creative & Affordable Valentine’s Day Gifts
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Affordable Valentine’s Day Gifts

Money can’t buy you love, not even on Valentine’s Day. Instead, try these ideas for affordable Valentine’s Day gifts to woo your honey this holiday.

1. Bake something

The treats you make can be heart-shaped and pink and red or be a shape and color personalized to your valentine’s favorites. Cookies, fudge, cakes, cupcakes. Whatever sweet makes your sweetheart smile is the thing to make.

2. List all the reasons you love your significant other

To make a good impression, your list should have at least ten reasons for your undying love, but the number can go as high as you want. If you need a number guideline, you can write on an old deck of cards to create “52 Reasons I Love You,” or if you’re feeling incredibly ambitious, you can get a daily calendar (they should be on sale by now) and write one reason per day.

3. Make your own cards

When was the last time you made valentines? Remember cutting out red paper in the shape of a heart and gluing on doilies? Stretch your artistic skills to draw, craft, and collage your way into your valentine’s heart. You can designate a specific card swapping time or leave them in unexpected places for a fun surprise.

4. Create a coupon book filled with favors

This is a tried and true favorite. You can specify when each coupon is to be redeemed or leave it up to your beloved. Include things like taking over hated chores, massages, favorite activities, and watching the children to give your partner alone time.

5. Have a cozy, romantic night in

Turn off the lights and light some candles, cook a nice meal, watch a movie, or play a game together. Whatever your loved one’s dream night is, make it happen.

6. Fill a room with balloon-bound love notes

Cut pieces of paper into thin strips to write things you love about your sweetie. Fill the balloons with one or more of the notes, blow up the balloons, and throw them around the room. Half the fun is popping the balloons, so when your valentine walks in have a sharp implement at the ready.

7. Decorate a candy-filled jar

Who doesn’t want a candy stash that will last through the month? Buy a mason jar (you can usually find them on the cheap at thrift stores) and a bag of your love’s favorite candy. Decorate the mason jar however you want—with cut out heart shapes, a picture of the two of you, fabric, etc.—and fill it with the candy. It’s as simple as that! Pro tip: buy candy after Christmas when it’s on sale.

8. Use Post-its for a romantic surprise

Another “things you love” idea with a sticky twist! Write your favorite things about your better half and put them in surprising places. You can cover their mirror with them (create a heart shape for a maximum Valentine’s Day theme), or you can leave the Post-its around the house, car, and workplace for them to find throughout the day.

9. Take a romantic stroll

Yes, February in Canada is freezing, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be romantic. If you live in a picturesque neighborhood, then put coffee or tea in travel mugs, bundle up, bring a blanket, and find a nice bench to cuddle up on while you watch the sunset or sparkling city lights.

10. Craft some flowers

Flowers are not cheap, but paper is. And paper flowers can last forever. There are so many online tutorials for paper flowers that you can quickly be on your way to making a veritable garden of posies. From voluminous tissue paper flowers to realistic roses, the choices are endless and sure to bring a smile to your true love’s face.

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