How to Get the Most Out of Loyalty Card Programs
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Loyalty Card Programs

Virtually everybody offers a loyalty card these days. Not only do stores want you to shop more, they want to track your data. Here’s a few tips on how to get the most out of loyalty card programs.

 Chances are you have at least one loyalty card that gives you rewards for spending money. They can be advantageous for shoppers on a budget, despite the fact that the issuing retailer is motivated to get more of your money and to track your shopping behaviour.

For the retailer, the more they know about you, the better they can target you with irresistible deals and tailored advertising for their products. A word to the wise – be a smart consumer by using your loyalty cards to your own advantage first.

Be Selective

Make a list of the retailers you use most often and find out which ones offer the best discounts and rewards. 60% of consumers say they bailed on loyalty programs because it took too long to earn the rewards. Even if certain programs take a while, make sure it’s worth it before you hand over your personal information and shopping profile.

Ask yourself this: “Are you in it because you feel good about being part of the brand’s culture or do you appreciate the great deals and discounts the brand offers to its members?”

For the sake of convenience, download the apps for the programs you know you will use the most. Having the apps easily accessible on your smart phone is a reminder to add on more points. Choose the ones that give you easy access to see your point status and to redeem your rewards.

Decide What You Want

First, check out the rewards programs for the brands you are already using. What do they offer? Trips? Activities? Cash incentives? More stuff?

Think about your current financial situation. What will give you the greatest longevity for your loonie?  Do you need more stuff or could you benefit more from rewards that take the pressure off a tight budget?

Tips for Wise Spending

  • Avoid spending money just to accumulate points
  • Use the rewards system with points that convert to cash back offers or shopping vouchers.
  • Accumulate your points from your regular shopping (don’t buy 2 of something if you only need 1 or if it’s not on sale).

These days every nickel counts. If you’re temporarily short on nickels and need timely, manageable financial solution, find a Pay2Day store near you.

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