5 Overlooked Tips on How to Save Money While on Vacation
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Researching cheap vacation deals is easy – but beyond airfare and a place to stay, what about your expenses once you get there? Here’s how to save money while on vacation.

 When it comes to saving money, every little bit helps. Vacation is meant to be a time to get away from the real world, but there’s no point in going away if all you do is worry about how much your voyage is costing you. Here are a few tips to save some pennies (or even more!) before, and during, your holiday.

Plan for a weekday trip

Hotels usually book for cheaper if you’re staying sometime between Sunday through Thursday. In addition, restaurants more often have lunch-menu and daytime specials that aren’t present during the weekend. Plus, places like hotels, resorts, shopping centers, and many other common vacations stops will have smaller crowds during the week.

Hunt for hotel amenities

Is breakfast included with your hotel stay? Filling up before you leave for the day’s adventure can help cut down on daily costs and help prevent impulse food buys. Many hotels offer free breakfast each morning, which means one less meal to worry about paying for! Check to see if your hotel offers any other amenities as well, such as:

  • Included Hotel facilities such as a gym, child care options, Wi-fi or parking
  • In-room amenities such as soap, shampoo, moisturizer, etc.
  • Laundry facilities (this can be especially helpful if it cuts down the amount of clothing/luggage you bring with you).
  • Shuttle services to airport or local hotspots

Research Loyalty Program Rewards

These cards are just sitting in your wallet, so put them to work! Many card companies offer incentives that often go unnoticed, when they could be helping you save money specifically during a vacation! These can include deals on travel insurance, cashback on hotels and rental cars, and some even offer free entry to museums and events just for being a member.

Also, remember to check your credit cards for forgotten benefits such as travel insurance and rental car insurance. You may already be covered! Some cards even have upgrade perks with certain hotel chains or airport VIP lounges.

Bring an empty water bottle

Avoid spending money on overpriced bottled water at airports and restaurants. Bring your own reusable, steel or hard plastic water bottle to fill up while at the airport, and to carry around with you while exploring your destination. This can help you avoid little costs that add up over the course of your vacation. If you’ve booked a hotel with complimentary breakfast, you can even fill up your bottle with juice or coffee, further saving you money.

Steer clear of souvenirs

While things like shot glasses and t-shirts may seem like fun impulse buys, you don’t need items emblazoned with your vacation destination to remember what a good time you had. Give unnecessary mementos a pass, and instead focus on taking photographs. They will last longer than any stamped spoon, plus photographs are much cheaper!

When you go on vacation, you don’t want to worry about money. Knowing in advance how to save money and cut down on unneeded costs will help you enjoy your time away even more. Have fun and let loose…just don’t let loose money you could be saving!

If you budgeted well and everything goes to plan, congrats! But sometimes life happens and unexpected expenses come up. If your vacation leaves you temporarily short on cash and you need a timely, manageable financial solution, find a Pay2Day store near you.

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