How To Celebrate New Year’s Eve on a Budget
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December 13, 2018
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January 2, 2019
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People celebrating on New Year's Eve

Planning a party for new year’s at your place? It can get expensive… Here’s how to celebrate New Year’s Eve on a budget.

New Year’s Eve is a traditional holiday where everyone loves to host parties with their family and friends. However, it’s no secret that being the host/hostess can get quite expensive and it can do so rather quickly. While most people are a huge fan of getting together with their friends and family, the tab for the party is something we’re not fans of!

The good news?

There are ways to still host a great New Years’ Eve Party while not breaking the bank to do it. Here are 7 tips for throwing a New Year’s Celebration people will remember without breaking the bank at the same time.

Send Electronic Invitations 

Sending invitations electronically can help save the cost of buying invitations and using postage on the mail you are sending. For example, if you would otherwise spend $9.99 on a box of 25 invitations and then the $0.50 per stamp on 25 invitations, you are looking at another $12.50 on postage alone! That’s more than $20 for invitations! The cost of notifying people you sent them electronic invites – ZERO!

Shop Party Warehouses

Whether you are a fan of shopping in person or online (think Oriental Trading or Party City), checking out party warehouses can help save you a ton of money on decorations for your party without giving up any of the festive feelings of the special occasion. Another great tip? Unless the partyware says 2019 specifically New Years happens every year, so if your decorations are in good shape and you have space, tuck them away to use again in subsequent years.

Simplify the Food Menu

Serving appetizers can help you skip the cost of preparing an entire meal for guests. Many guests are absolutely content with cheaper options such as nuts, pretzels, chips with dip, veggies with dip, and other finger foods that are a lot lower in cost. If you really do want to host an entire meal then ask guests to bring a side dish. Most guests want to bring something (it’s considered good party etiquette) and help out the hostess. Even if you ask someone to bring extras (yet necessary items) like napkins, drinks, or Champaign if everyone has something to bring most people will be happy to splash out a few dollars to help everyone enjoy the party. Just be sure you tell them how many guests are expected so there is enough of everything!

Make It a BYOB Event

By having guests bring their own drinks (especially alcohol) can save you a huge chunk of money, especially when you’re not trying to buy alcohol to please dozens of different tastes. That price tag gets out of hand, fast!

Check the Coupon Pages

Many newspapers will have extra coupons in them around the holidays. Spending the $1-3 on a newspaper will literally pay for itself if you are going to use a lot of the coupons in the paper for party supplies. Other stores and many supermarkets have online/digital coupons you can use to help save money. This goes a step beyond shopping sales and allows you to use save even more. Most of the stuff you save on will be party staples like paper plates, plastic silverware, or napkins. Sometimes you will even find the coupons for things like club crackers, nuts, or other party-friendly snacks. Even if you save a few dollars it adds up.

Use Holiday Music You Already Have

Rather than going out and buying a whole new playlist for your event, use the Christmas and New Year CDs you already have to compile a playlist. People can listen to Christmas music for a few days into the New Year as that spirit lingers for a couple weeks after the holiday has actually passed! You will save yourself going out and buying new music, most likely including CDs with songs you already have on other albums. Another alternative? Just playing classic party anthems that never go out of style, whether it’s the holidays or not.

Plan Free Activities

If you’re looking to entertain guests using things you already have lying around can help you from spending additional, unnecessary cash. Board games or cards are classic entertainment and never get old!

These are 7 great tips that help you save on the cost of throwing a party without losing any of the “fun factor” that goes along with hosting a party to ring in 2019!

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