How to Save Money by Winterizing Your Home
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How to Save Money by Winterizing Your Home

When you live in Ontario, winter can be brutal – and expensive. Here are some ideas on how winterizing your home can help keep your dollars in your pocket.

If you’ve lived in Ontario for more than a year, you know that winter can be tough – particularly on your wallet. The temperatures drop, snow starts to fall, and those winter maintenance tasks start to pile up, putting strain on your budget. Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do to get your home ready for everything winter can throw its way. Here are a few tips to help you stay warm, save money, and combat the winter chill with ease.

Fix Roof Damage

When your roof is damaged, heat inside your home can easily escape outside. This forces your furnace to work overtime just to keep the home at the set temperature. The more the furnace has to work, the more energy it consumes. Over the course of the winter, this can increase your energy bill by hundreds of dollars. By taking care of any damage or leaks immediately, you’ll help keep as much heat inside the house as possible.

Seal Windows and Doors

As the seasons change, doors and windows shift in their frames. This can lead to cracks where cold can seep inside the house. Add weather stripping to your doors and windows if you feel a draft and caulk any visible cracks around the frame. For added insulation, consider using clear window insulation film around the glass. This will keep the cold outside where it belongs while still giving you the natural light you love.

Take Care of Low-Hanging Limbs

Heavy snow can cause branches to break when you least expect it. If the branches fall on your house, they can do significant damage both to the roof and your siding. Though homeowners insurance will help cover the cost of repairs, you’re still responsible for the deductible. Save yourself the trouble of filing an insurance claim and trim those low-hanging limbs ahead of time.

Have Sprinkler System Lines Blown Out

Sprinkler systems may be an easy way to water your yard but leaving any water in the lines once the temperatures drop can put your home’s plumbing at risk. When the water lines freeze outside, your sprinkler system’s pipes can burst, causing damage both to the landscaping and the water main for your home. Instead, let your sprinkler service clear the water out of the lines with pressurized air. This way, your sprinklers will be ready to use come spring and your pipes will stay in good condition throughout the winter.

Even with the right precautions, you may still find yourself dealing with unexpected repairs during the winter. If you’re seeking a quick and easy payday loan for repairs, contact us today.

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