How to Save Money on Exercise Equipment
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December 30, 2020
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How to Save Money on Exercise Equipment

Do you have too much jelly in your belly but not enough green in your wallet to do something about it? Here are some tips to save money on exercise equipment.

If you are finding you can’t fit into your favorite jeans anymore, then you might be looking into buying new exercise equipment so you have a chance to keep up with that New Year’s Resolution. Unfortunately, exercise equipment can be really expensive, but with gyms closed and lockdown restrictions in place, you might not have a choice.

Buy second hand

Second hand exercise equipment is often available; and much of it is lightly used because it belonged to people who bought it with good intentions. Static equipment like weights can last a long time. You can find great local deals on sites like Kijiji, Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.

You can also check with gyms that might be wanting to part with equipment that they replaced. In the current environment, some gyms have gone out of business and that might also be a good source. Make sure you know how much it was used, however, and ask if it’s still under warranty.

Get a stationary bike

You cycle all summer, then winter comes and your bike gets stuck in a shed. If this is you, consider a stationary bike stand. They’re generally sold as indoor bike trainers. This allows you to keep cycling all year round. You don’t need the full Peleton experience – put a cheap television or tablet on the wall and play YouTube videos of rides you wish you could take!

Look for equipment that serves multiple purposes

We don’t mean those multi-gyms either. When buying equipment, consider what you’re going to use it for, then get things that cover more than one function.

Don’t be swayed by “miracle” equipment. Avoid any products that promise amazing results with very little effort (e.g., “Lose 10 pounds in just minutes a day!”) or that only work for one muscle group. A rowing machine offers a full body workout and can be much less expensive than a treadmill. Resistance bands are one of the best options here, especially if you are also short on space.

Research the best deal & take your time

Make sure to do your research and think about your purchases, especially if you’re buying large, more expensive equipment. Hit all the big box stores like Best Buy, Canadian Tire, Amazon, Walmart and then move on to the more specialized fitness stores and your local outlets. Make sure that if you find a make and model you like that you’re fully briefed on what features made you choose it. That way if a competitor tries to sell you on a comparable model, you’re not losing the functionality you wanted in the first place.

Don’t impulse buy on big ticket items – sleeping on it can help you avoid paying extra for fancy gear you actually don’t need.

Saving money on exercise equipment can help both your wallet and your health. For more tips on how to save money, check out our blog.

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